An analytics platform created for strategic IP management

The Patent Asset Index provides an accurate view of the impact and efficiency of an enterprise’s investment in innovation.
Executive Vice President and CTO, Dow Chemical

Experts in patent and business strategy collaborate at PatentSight to create a unique analytics platform that provides reliable insights for strategic IP management.

PatentSight created the Patent Asset Index™, the objective way to measure true patent portfolio strength and to identify key patents. Our Patent Asset Index and analytics platform is used by leaders across industries for internal management as well as for investor communication. For example, 6 of the top 10 chemical companies run PatentSight.


  • Benchmark patent portfolios
  • Monitor portfolio strength and development of competitors
  • Implement KPIs
The Patent Asset Index provides an accurate view of the impact and efficiency of an enterprise’s investment in innovation
Executive Vice President and CTO, Dow Chemical

PatentSight has many years of experience providing reliable and relevant benchmarks of patent portfolios to key decision makers in technology companies. To derive reliable insights it is key to measure actual patent strength rather than mere patent filings.

This is achieved by the Patent Asset Index™ methodology invented and pioneered by PatentSight. The Patent Asset Index™ considers both the quantity and the quality of patents in a portfolio. Leading organizations use the Patent Asset Index™ and derived metrics to monitor and report the progress they make with their patent portfolio and to compare to competitors.

Portfolio Management

  • Identify competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase portfolio efficiency
  • Define country filing strategy
We regularly review the patent portfolio quality and filing strategy of our divisions using PatentSight’s metrics.
Head of Strategy & Communication, Leading Electronics Company

A good starting point to analyze the competitive strengths and weaknesses of a patent portfolio is to first perform a high-level analysis. It reveals how strong the portfolios really is in different technology fields and countries.

The Patent Asset Index™ and the reliable current ownership and legal status information in PatentSight‘s analytics platform greatly facilitate this analysis. More in-depth analyses of the portfolio, leveraging the drilldown and exporting features of the software will reveal patents of little or no value that can be divested as well as opportunities to strengthen the portfolio around key technologies.

The international filing strategy can be optimized in the light of the IP landscapes in the respective countries and the behaviour of competitors.


  • Find patents for licensing
  • Identify potential licensees
  • Pinpoint standard-relevant patents

PatentSight‘s analytics platform knows the patent portfolios of all players in all technologies in detail. Leveraging the Patent Asset Index™ it knows the real strengths and weaknesses of the portfolios and where players invest or divest. Analyzing prior art citations of patent examiners around the world, technical relationships between patent portfolios and individual patents can easily be inferred on our platform.

Drawing on all this information, our reporting tools and predictive algorithms reveal those patents most suitable for licensing as well as those players most likely to be interested – even outside of your industry. Potential licensing targets can subsequently be profiled with our software to gain more insight into their operations and potential willingness to pay. PatentSight correlates information from standardization bodies such as e.g. ETSI or ANSI with patent data so that it is easy to pinpoint standard essential patents and their current owners.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Identify acquisition targets and alternatives
  • Analyze technological fit
  • Find patent nuggets and critical IP issues

PatentSight‘s analytics platform offers a systematic way to scan the worldwide technology landscape for suitable acquisition targets or partners that will enhance your competitive situation in technology and patents. Once a list of potential targets is known, their portfolio can first be reviewed in a similar fashion as described under benchmarking and portfolio management.

The patent portfolios of the targets and the acquirer can be compared in each technology (sub)field, using for example the existing patent classifications of the patent offices or more advanced methods.

The Patent Asset Index™ allows to take patent quality into account and reveal the true strength of each player in each field. It also identifies the key patents you should be particularly concerned about. Leveraging our clean worldwide patent citation data, technological interrelationships between the targets as well as between the potential target and the acquirer can be revealed and further analyzed in detail. This often reveals critical IP issues as well as important opportunities. A complete IP due diligence will also include verifying the legal status of the target‘s portfolio around the world, which is done in minutes using our reliable worldwide legal status information.

R&D Strategy

  • Compare R&D strategies
  • Align IP and Business
  • Identify new entrants and potential partners
The method is valuable not only to demonstrate the importance of our patent portfolio to investors, but also to internally evaluate our patent strategy over time.
Member of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF

A good R&D Strategy is the basis to improve the innovation performance of nearly every technology driven company today. But often the R&D strategy is not that clearly defined or not linked with the business strategy. Especially the IP and patent departments are sometimes still considered as a separate, more administrative unit instead of being an integral part of R&D or even driving innovation for the company. With newly available patent data analytics, IP and patent departments can position themselves more actively as value added services or even as a profit center within the organization.

A natural first step is to start with a competitive benchmarking of the status quo to identify USPs and gaps. PatentSight data quickly shows your patent portfolio management performance in terms of quantity and quality over time compared to your peers with a click. But the results are just the starting point to dig deeper and slice & dice the data to see where and why to come up with concrete actions to improve your R&D strategy. Our scientifically validated and industry proven Patent Asset Index™ methodology is not a black box and is quickly understood by senior management w/o deep patent know how. That makes communication between IP/ patent departments and senior management easier.

Strategic Consulting

  • More than a decade of strategic consulting experience
  • 50+ projects delivered to leading organizations
  • Strong academic background
  • Experienced, international and divers expert consultants

PatentSight turns patent information into management insights. We provide consulting services in strategic patent analysis along the entire IP Lifecycle from R&D strategy, benchmarking, portfolio management, licensing, M&A to the identification of trends/disruptive technologies.

The scientifically validated and industry proven Patent Asset Index™ methodology and our powerful business intelligence platform are the reliable basis for most of our analyses. Our experienced consultants use these data as a basis to convert reliable patent data into relevant business insights. Our proven track-record among many of the leading companies across industry worldwide confirm our high qualitative approach. References can be given on request.

Powerful Software

  • Reliable data and relevant results
  • Flexible analysis capabilities
  • Created by patent experts, business scholars and IT engineers
  • Efficient workflows
  • Intuitive and pretty
  • Fast - no limits to the amount of data you can analyze
  • Features the renowned Patent Asset Index
  • Enterprise-ready user and rights management
PatentSight’s tool takes us to the next level and we receive only positive feedback.
Chief IP Counsel, Leading Electronics Company

PatentSight provides its analytics platform as a service. We take care of weekly data updates as well as software and hardware maintenance. You access the service with any web browser. The data content, analysis capabilities and other features of the platform are continously improved. We are proud that our software is praised by its users to be useful, intuitive, pretty and fast.

Excellent Data Quality

  • Extensive research into patent ownership
  • Sophisticated worldwide legal status tracking
  • Precise identification of patent families
  • Extensive efforts to harmonize and correct data
PatentSight provides the most reliable legal status and ownership information.
Vice President Patents, Leading Chemical Company

Analyses delivered by PatentSight are regularly reported to top executives of leading companies. Our benchmarks figure on the annual report of some of the world‘s largest companies. Data quality is of very high importance to us. We invest a lot of resources to combine and harmonize the different raw data streams, correct errors and correlate information. Many years of experience and a passion for data quality make us excel at the task.

PatentSight assembles all worldwide patent documents that pertain to a certain invention into one harmonized „patent family“ record. Leveraging both proprietary software and extensive human research we state the real current owner of a patent and its current global legal status with high precision. Using PatentSight this valuable information is available to you instantly for all patents.

In many strategic analyses it is important to know the current owner of the patents concerned. However, searching for e.g. owner „AkzoNobel“ in a standard patent database will only find a tiny fraction of their current patent assets, plus many patents actually not owned by them any more. We thus heavily process the data for 1) corporate structures (the patent might be owned by the subsidiary of a subsidiary of your competitor), 2) old company names (the applicant name given by the patent office doesn‘t exist any more), 3) mergers & acquisitions (the patent is now owned by a new entity due to a corporate merger or acquisition), 4) patent transactions (i.e. individual patents have been sold to a new owner), 5) name misspellings and 6) homonyms (names used by multiple distinct companies, such as e.g. Merck).

Patent Asset Index

  • Measures actual patent strength
  • Takes patent quality into account
  • Reliable, objective and instantly available for any patent
  • Based on many years of scientific research
  • Transparent: Published in an academic journal
  • Invented and owned by PatentSight
Technology Relevance Market Coverage Competitive Impact Patent Asset Index

Patent Asset Index™ is the objective measure of global technological strength and innovation. It takes into account both the number of patent-protected inventions and their quality or value. The method has been developed and validated in scientific research and in many years of advising companies on patents and innovation strategy.

The Patent Asset Index™ method allows to identify and profile the patent gems that businesses can leverage to create value from innovation. It is therefore a key element in our analytics platform and expert services. The Patent Asset Index™ is also used by major companies to illustrate the strength of their patent portfolio in annual reports and further investor communication.

The Patent Asset Index™ is defined as the aggregated Competitive Impact™ of all patents in a portfolio. It can be calculated for the overall portfolio of a company, or for only those patents relevant to a certain technology, or for any other group of patents.

For more details see Ernst/Omland (2011), World Patent Information

About Us


PatentSight was founded in 2009 by Nils Omland and Prof. Dr. Holger Ernst as a spin-off from the WHU – Otto-Beisheim School of Management. Before founding PatentSight, Nils and Holger had 12 years of academic research and consulting experience in the field of patent valuation and analytics. The pioneering thought leadership of PatentSight’s founding team is expressed in ground-breaking, rewarded and highly-cited scientific publications.


Today our team consists of more than 20 highly educated individuals specializing in fields like Business Strategy, Patent Law, Patent Data, Computer Science, Web Design and Quality Assurance. We deliver reliable and relevant insights into the patent landscape and strive to provide the most outstanding patent analytics platform. We work to make you smile!

Industry Leadership

PatentSight launched its first Business Intelligence Software in 2012. Our software solution provides unique, reliable and relevant insights into the patent landscape for decision makers in the fields of benchmarking, R&D strategy, trends, M&A, licensing and portfolio optimization. In 2016, 6 of the 10 Top Chemical Firms use the PatentSight solution. Other blue chip clients come from multiple industries such as health care, automotive, consumer, telecommunication, logistics, software, engineering, electronics etc. and covers regions such as Europe, US, Asia and Africa.

Scientific Leadership

An important milestone in 2009 was the development of the Patent Asset Index™, a new approach to assess patent quality and to benchmark patent portfolios Patent Asset Index™ was first endorsed by BASF and Dow Chemical. Since then the Patent Asset Index™ has been adopted by many more firms from multiple industries. PatentSight continues to conduct cutting-edge research to advance our understanding about best practices, methods and tools in the field of intellectual property valuation, management and analytics.


Nils Omland

Nils is co-founder and managing director of PatentSight. His interest in IP was sparked when conducting academic research on the profit impact of active IP management and on the evaluation of patents for strategic management. This research, his extensive work with patent data as well as his experience as a consultant to large technology companies led to the formation of PatentSight in 2008. He is a frequent speaker and a co-author of scientific papers in the field of IP as well as a co-author of the EPO’s patent teaching kit.

Björn Ulmer

Björn is managing director of PatentSight. Prior to that he worked several years as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and DHL Consulting, advising Top Management across industries in all kind of strategic questions. In 2012 Björn was asked to rebuild and lead the IP team as Director/Head of Corporate Patent Management of Deutsche Post DHL Group. His key achievements include a newly developed and implemented IP strategy linked to business strategy, an optimized patent portfolio, and out-licensing deals by using the Patent Asset Index™. He joined PatentSight in 2015.

Holger Ernst

Holger is co-founder of PatentSight. He is professor of technology and innovation management at the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management and visiting professor at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, as well as honorary professor at the Melbourne Business School. He has published more than 50 papers in leading journals in the fields of strategy, innovation and intellectual property. Since his PhD dissertation about the use of patent data for the strategic planning of R&D (published in 1996) he has received multiple awards for his research. Holger advises and speaks to corporations worldwide and serves on the board of start-up firms.

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Björn Ulmer, Managing Director at PatentSight

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